Atlantean Software is a web development company based in Raleigh, NC.
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About Atlantean

We're not your avagerage, run of the mill development company. We kick ass!
We take pride in our work. Whether it is for ourselves, or one of our clients, we always give 110%.


We have a wide range of skills that make up our team. Whether you are looking for serious DevOps work, or killer software development, we've got you covered.


We make our time count. We have over 30 years of combined experience on our team. We make sure all the things are done, and done right!


We take pride in our work, so that is why we make our products look good. We're doing our part to improve the web, one app at a time.

Our Projects

The Nucleus Dashboard (BETA)

The Nucleus Dashboard is a realtime UI for managing your Docker host.

  • Our realtime interface gives you unparalled visual control over your Docker Host. You can manage every aspect of your host, containers, and images all from one sexy dashboard.
  • Nucleus does not run in a container. Our system is designed to control your docker host in any state that it may be in. Currently, Nucleus is the only dashboard for Docker that supports this incredibly important feature.
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Atlantean Consulting Services

Atlantean Software is a web development company based in Raleigh, NC.
Feel free to contact us with any of your technology consulting needs.

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Areas of Experience

We have a wide range of skills. We can assist you with any of the following:

SysOps / DevOps

Software Development

and even more!

Basically, we do all the things...